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Add sound to your interior for the of music
Kelvin Linger is the creative owner behind the brand Kellinger.

speakersA showcase of my work

I found it visually unappealing that in order to add sound to an interior, one would need to add cubes, boxes and cones that have no further application. A waste of space in my opinion. I do, however, love music and the energy it can bring to a space. I started looking for a solution that would combine the musical element with something that would increase the aesthetics of any space. This is how we came across the range of designs we now produced. But there is so much more still to come.

The Band

Speaker The Band

Deci Bell

Speaker Deci Belle

Watt Up

Speaker Watt Up


Speaker Solo

Cube Us

Speaker Cube Us

Speak Up

Speaker Speak Up


Speaker Underkoffer

Just in case

Speaker Just In Case
About Kellinger

About kellingerThe story behind Kellinger

Imagine walking into someone’s home and completely altering their interior to your liking before you sit down. That is what happens in my head whenever I enter a new space.

I strive for the perfect symbioses of appealing visual design and sound. Nothing is impossible in this constant search for new combinations. I see that people are at- tracted to the energy and ambiance the designs bring to their homes.

Contact Kellinger

contactMeet Kellinger

Nothing is impossible in this constant search for new combinations. Let’s get together!

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